Family Law

  • Our professional know-how and our long-lasting experience are the basis to develop appropriate and proper solutions in family law related issues.
  • Together with you we develop before contraction of marriage and during the marriage a marriage contract fitting for your individual situation. In doing so, we find answers and solutions to your questions with regards to estate, provision of old age and alimentation.
  • During a separation and in case of a divorce we stand by your side to effect your rights. Due to the fact that items linked to emotions and privacy are often concerned, both of ability of empathy and sure instincts often are required you can expect from us.

In particular we advise in cases of settlement of

  • child maintenance, sustenance in cases of separation and alimentation past divorce,
  • housing allocation and a allocation of personal chattels,
  • legal custody of the children, shared custody and right of access,
  • maintenance settlement
  • termination of cohabitation
  • as well as enforcement and defense of sustenance of parents.

We represent if your claims requires to be affected at the courts as it may be appropriate in case of divorce,  equalization of the accrued gains effected by each spouse or in litigation concerning maintenance if a unanimous solution outside the court turns out not to be feasible.